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Clever Dog Names

      Dogs are pretty clever animals and are capable of understanding and reacting to a variety of commands. In fact one Border Collie named Chaser has learned over 1000 words. Most of the items are various toys and things that he is able to fetch on command from bins in a separate room. While this may be on the extreme end of what is out there, you will be surprised just how much you can teach your pal with a little bit of effort. This list is designed to provide names fitting for a puppy with some smarts. Famous inventors, words for the ingenious, and names that have an intelligent ring are all inspiration for the ideas found here. Edison (Thomas Edison), Graham (Alexander Graham Bell), and Ford (Henry Ford) are some options taken from well-known inventors. Keen, Savvy, and Slick are among a few titles commonly bestowed on the gifted. Other names like Abigail, Alexander, and Sebastian just sounds brilliant. Good luck finding a match for your talented new friend.
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User Images for Clever Dog Names

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Zeus Photo of zeus for Clever Dog Names
Neche Photo of neche for Clever Dog Names Neche means friend in the Chippewa language and our Neche has lived up to her name. When taking her to work she has come back playing with deer, horses, other dogs, and tries to play with the cats.
Diogee Photo of diogee for Clever Dog Names Diogee (pronounced D O G with emphasis on the o) pretty much summed him up.
Storm Photo of storm for Clever Dog Names It's fun and she can run fast.
Stanley tiger Photo of stanley tiger for Clever Dog Names His dad called Bouncing Tiger of Foxwarren, his pedigree name Kylini Chrystal Tiger.
Mystery Photo of Mystery for Clever Dog Names When we found our yorkie (possibly silkie) he was laying on the ground, starved and horribly matted. Vet said he was only 20% of what his weight should be, basically a skeleton with skin. Because we knew nothing about him, he became our 'Mystery Man' and is the best dog ever!

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