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Male Dog Names

       "Come here boy." Most people are familiar with this simple request that has gained popularity in television and households around the world. In fact, many people refer to their male dogs as "boy" on a regular basis. The word's common usage is attributed to being short and easy to annunciate. Historically speaking, Max, Jack, Sam, and Jake are the most popular choices for male puppies. Notice that each of these names also share the perk of being easily vocalized. While making a low syllable selection has benefits, longer names can be fine too. Be aware that most people like to take shortcuts (it is part of our lazy society). The five syllable name you choose will soon wear down to something easier to say. It could be that the original dog owners above named their pets Maximus, Jackson, Samson, and Jacob.

      One unique name finding approach is to locate one on the map. Names of cities, states, and provinces are popular options. You can choose a clever location related to your puppy or just find a random place that has appeal. No need to worry if the name you ultimately select isn’t found in an atlas, there is at least one known case in which a city was named after a dog. The city of Peritas was named after Alexander the Great’s companion. Rumor has it that Peritas died in battle. The city contained a monument and his final resting place.

      An important part of naming is to learn about your new friend. You may have noticed that male dogs typically lift up their legs to mark their territory. This inherent hiking stems from the desire to reach a higher point on their toilet of choice. The apex is desirable because it better utilizes the air as a medium of travel. The whole point of marking territory is so other passers will notice and hitting a higher point increases the likelihood. Keep in mind that your new puppy will not exhibit this behavior. It is something that comes about naturally with age. In the meantime, choose one of the popular male names from our list so that when the time comes, your pal knows to hike.

      Male dogs are called many things. If your puppy will not be reproducing, it is commonly referred to as just dog. A stud is a boy that is capable of and intended for breeding. Once a male has fathered a litter it is called a sire. The father is a common source for male names. Just as people often pass names down from generation to generation, many new dog owners choose to adopt the sire's name. Passing dog names on is a good practice, but care should be taken to ensure that the name is not the same or similar to other members of the household. While Jake and Jack are easily discernible to the human ear, the similarities might cause confusion to your new pal.

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User Images for Male Dog Names

Other visitors to our site submitted the following Male Dog Names photos:
Image Comment
Smokey Photo of Smokey for Male Dog Names His existing name when I got him at 1 year old in 2006.
Mylo Photo of Mylo for Male Dog Names I just thought it was unique
Zeus Photo of zeus for Male Dog Names Zeus is an awesome name cause it is the name of one of the gods it shows leadership,strength,and courage! This name is perfect for any dog other than a female dog.hahaha!!! If u want to name a female dog that u can but in my opinion or if u asked me I would rather give the name Zeus to a male dog rather than a female
Hugo Photo of hugo for Male Dog Names
Titan Photo of Titan for Male Dog Names
Stetson Photo of Stetson for Male Dog Names Stetson our aussie was allready named when we got him.
Boris Photo of Boris for Male Dog Names I wanted a strong but classy name for my ROTTIE , Boris suits him perfectly. I always go for two syllable words so they are easy to say and clear to hear
Chad Photo of Chad for Male Dog Names Chad was chosen from chadwell
Khan Photo of Khan for Male Dog Names

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User Recommendations for Male Dog Names

Other visitors to our Male Dog Names page recommend the following names:
Name Reason
Blaze It seems cool and people might want to name their dog that
Booker Derived from “book”. To leave quickly, as in, “Let,s book out of here.
Dakota had a beautiful and loving dog with that name
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