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Spotted Dog Names

      This collection is designed for dogs with spots. From large and few to small and many, we have names to match a variety of appearances. With the stark contrast of black (or dark brown) on white, the Dalmatian is perhaps the first breed that comes to mind. Ideas like Domino, Oreo, and Othello are fitting due to a shared color scheme. Other options are less color dependent and instead focus on the layout of the coat. A puppy with a few large spots could be called Patches. Another with many small speckles could be called Pixel, Dotti, or Pox. Cluster might be more fitting for the coat with several distinct groupings. Although the hue and arrangement may vary greatly, this list will have something that strikes a key for most spotted canines.
Name Why it's a spotted dog name?
Banzai one of the spotted hyenas from 'The Lion King'
Bengal a tiger with an orange and black striped coat
Blizzard a snowstorm that makes your vision of non-white things spotty
Blue Blue the Dog - a blue spotted dog from the children's series 'Blue's Clues'
Boots a great name if the boot fits
Brand an identifying mark
Bridget a funny giraffe from Disney's 'The Wild'
Brindle literally refers to a streaky color of animal fur
Bullseye the Target mascot with the red spot around his eye
Buttons a small disk used to fasten clothing
Camo is short for camouflage
Checkers a board game featuring red and black colored circular pieces
Cheetah a large cat known for it's spots
Chester Chester Cheetah - the mascot for Cheetos
Chip a small piece of something
Clawhauser officer cheetah from the movie 'Zootopia'
Cloud patches of white on the blue sky
Cluster a group of things positioned closely together
Daisy a colorful flower with a spot in the middle
Dalmatian a breed of dog that is typically white with dark spots
Dapple to mark something with spots
Dice typically a white cube with black spots
Domino a game played with tiles featuring black spots
Dot a dot is like a spot
Dotsy another name variation of dots
Dotti spots are like dots so a dog that is spotty could be named Dotti
Ed a hyena with spots from the film 'The Lion King'
Fawn young deer are born with white spots
Flake a small, thin piece of something
Francis the grumpy ladybug from 'A Bug's Life'
Freckles small patches of brown color on your skin
Fuli a female cheetah cub from Disney's 'The Lion Guard'
Genet a skinny, cat-like animal with spotted fur
Geoffrey Geoffrey Giraffe - the giraffe mascot for Toys R Us
Gia the jaguar from 'Madagascar 3' has a spotted coat
Holstein a type of cattle with a black and white or red and white patchy coat
Honey a honeycomb is made up of many hexagon shaped cells
Jag a jaguar is a type of spotted wild cat
Jasiri a good spotted hyena from Disney's 'The Lion Guard'
Kaleido look into a Kaleidoscope
Ladybug a small red beetle with black spots
Leo a leopard is a wild cat known for its spots
Lucas dalmatian puppy from the children's series 'Doggy Day School'
Lynx a mid-sized wild cat with spotted fur
Marbles spherical toys that come in a variety of colors
Marshall the spotted dalmatian fire pup from 'PAW Patrol'
Melman the giraffe from 'Madagascar'
Merle a dog coat pattern that involves patches of color
Mittens a type of glove
Moo Some cattle have colored patches on their coat
Moteado is Spanish for spotted
Motley means varied in appearance
Nimbus a type of cloud that produces precipitation
Oreo a black and white sandwich cookie
Othello a game of strategy involving white and black discs
Otis the spotted cow and leader from the movie 'Barnyard'
Pac-Man an arcade game that's all about consuming dots
Paisley a textile design with teardrop shapes
Patches means a part of something that stands out due to a certain characteristic
Pebbles small stones are like spots
Peng a snow leopard cub from 'Kung Fu Panda'
Pepper means to cover with a lot of something
Perdita mother of the puppies from '101 Dalmatians'
Phango the leopard and main character from the movie 'Khumba'
Pied means having multiple colors
Piper Pied Piper - a German folk tale character, pied means having two colors
Pixel the tiny areas of illumination on your screen
Polka polkadot is a pattern of round dots on fabric
Pong an early Atari game that involved hitting a small white dot back in forth
Pongo father of the puppies from '101 Dalmatians'
Pox a spotty rash
Prism refracts light into the spectrum of colors
Puddles spots or patches of water on the ground
Reversi a board game that use white and black discs
Rocky rocks can be compared to spots
Rolly one of the '101 Dalmatians'
Sabor the spotted leopard from 'Tarzan'
Shenzi a spotted hyena from 'The Lion King'
Sketch refers to a rough drawing
Smudge to smear something by rubbing
Snow a patchy coat with white appears like snow
Sox a lazy way to spell socks
Sparkle spots of reflected light
Spatter means to cover with spots of something
Speck means a small spot
Splash to cause liquid to splatter on to something
Spot the most obvious of spotted dog names
Spotti has lots of spots
Sprinkle means to scatter small amounts of a substance
Sulley the monster with shaggy fur and purple spots from 'Monsters, Inc.'
Tiger a predatory animal with a coat featuring dark stripes
Trunk the trunkfish is a spotted fish found in the Caribbean
Tux short for tuxedo which is typically a black and white formal wear

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Remington Photo of Remington for Spotted Dog Names Remington after ammo because setters are know for bird hunting.Also he loves food just like the rat Remi from ratatouille the movie.

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Markin I just rewatched Madagascar so... It was really fun and if you havent watched it yet you should Markin is the big tall girafe btw Okay have a good day now!!!!!!
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