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Dog Names By Breed >> Cane Corso Names

Cane Corso Names

      The Cane Corso (also referred to as Italian Mastiff) originated in Italy as a loyal guard dog and excellent hunter. Being a very strong breed with a protective nature, many owners choose tough military related names. In fact, the breed is thought to have descended directly from Canis Pugnax (a breed used in ancient Roman military). Tank, Panzer, and Sergeant are a few examples that are popular among Corsi. With an Italian origin, it is not at all uncommon for a Cane Corso to carry an Italian name. Many choose the names of famous Italian historical figures or Italian-American mobsters. Capone and Lucky are popular mobster choices. As with any sizeable dog, names of powerful heroes and sports figures are prominent. Tyson, Hulk, and Goliath are just a few names that fit the bill. You will notice a few themes that carry throughout the names on the list. Most of them are strong, powerful, and commanding. These fit well on a breed that is often sought after as home protectors.
Name Why it's a cane corso name?
Aberto Italian form of the name Albert which means noble
Abramo Italian form of the name Abraham which means father of many
Adelina an Italian name meaning noble
Admiral a high ranking naval officer
Adolfo Italian form of the German name Adolf which mean 'noble wolf'
Aida an Italian name that means happy
Alba an Italian name meaning dawn
Alpha term referring to a dominant male
Antonio an Italian variant of the name Anthony which means highly praised
Apollo a Roman god (the son of Jupiter); Apollo Creed, fictional heavyweight boxer from the Rocky series
Augustus first Emperor of Rome and founder of the Roman empire
Axel a name derrivative of axle which is the central shaft of a rotating wheel
Balboa Rocky Balboa, main character from the motivational underdog boxing series 'Rocky'
Bane a fictional villian and adversary of Batman in DC Comics
Battle a hostile encounter between military forces
Benedict Saint Benedict, an Italian monk
Bomber a military aircraft that targets ground and sea by dropping bombs
Boss the one in charge
Bravo an Italian word meaning well behaved
Bruno Angelo Bruno, a Sicilian-American mobster that was boss of the Philadelphia Mafia
Brutus name of a prominent roman family
Bullet a projectile shot from a firearm
Cabot John Cabot, an Italian explorer who discovered parts of North America
Caesar title used by Roman emperors, came from the famous dictator Julius Caesar
Capone Al Capone, an Italian-American mobster and boss of the Chicago Mafia
Captain a military officer rank
Ceres Roman goddess of agriculture
Cerone Jackie Cerone, an Italian-American mobster and boss of the Chicago Mafia
Charlie Charles 'Lucky' Luciana, an Italian-American mobster and first official boss of the Genovese crime family
Chief high in authority
Cicero Marcus Cicero, a roman philosopher, lawyer, and politician
Cohort an ancient Roman military unit
Colonel a high ranking army officer
Commander a naval and air force rank
Costello Frank Costello, an Italian American crime boss
Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous Italian painter and architect
Dante a famous Italian poet and philosopher
Daxter fictional video game character from 'Jak and Daxter'
Diana the Roman goddess of nature and wild animals
Diesel a type of fuel
Draco a Latin word for dragon
Duke an English rank of nobility
Enzo Enzo Ferrari, an Italian racecar driver and founder of Ferrari
Gambino an Italian surname and one of the five crime families of New York City
Garrison a fortress armed with troops to defend it
General the commander of an army
Giada Giada De Laurentiis, an Italian chef and television personality
Gianni an Italian forename
Gigi Gigi Galli - an Italian rally driver known for his spectacular driving style
Gino a name of Italian origin that is a shortened form of other names
Giovanni an Italian name, the equivalent of John
Goliath a giant Philistine warrior from the old testament of the bible
Gotti John Gotti, an Italian-American mobster and boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City
Gunner a military member that specializes in guns
Hercules Roman name for the son of Zeus
Hero a person admired for courage and noble intents
Hulk The Incredible Hulk, a marvel superhero that turns into a giant green rage monster when he is angry
Hunter an animal that hunts
Janus the Roman god of time and transitions
Julius Julius Caesar, a famous Roman dictator
Juno Roman goddess and protector of the women of Rome
Jupiter the Roman god of sky and thunder
Kane Cane with a K, it just looks tougher
Kaos from chaos, unpredictable and without order
Kevlar material used to make protective gear
Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci, a world famous Italian architect and painter
Liber Roman god of freedom and wine
Lockjaw a fictional Bulldog from Marvel Comics
Lombardo Antonio Lombardo, advisor to Italian-American mobster Al Capone
Luciano Lucky Luciano, Italian-American mobster first boss of the Genovese crime family
Lucius Lucius Junius Brutus, founder of the Roman Republic
Lucky Lucky Luciano, an Italian-American crime boss
Luigi Italian plumber from the Mario Bros video game series
Luna Roman goddess of the moon
Madonna an Italian name meaning my lady
Major a high ranking army officer
Marco a popular Italian name derived from Marcus
Marcus Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor
Mario Italian plumber from the 'Mario Bros' video games
Mars the Roman god of war and protector of agriculture
Max short for Maximus
Maximus Roman family name derived from Latin word meaning greatest
Mercury the Roman god of finances and commerce
Minerva Roman goddess of strategy and wisdom
Moretti an Italian-American crime underboss of the Genovese crime family
Neptune the Roman god of the sea
Nero a Roman Emperor
Neron a fictional demon character in DC Comics
Nuke a nuclear weapon
Orcus Roman god of the underworld
Panzer a German armored tank used in World War II
Pluto ruler of the underworld in classic mythology
Queen a female ruler
Ranger an Italian infantry regiment
Rocco an Italian name that comes from an old word meaning 'rest'
Rocket a missile that gets its thrust from a rocket engine
Rocky Rocky Balboa, underdog boxer from the 'Rocky' movies
Roman from Rome, Italy
Romeo male character in Shakespeare's tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet'
Sage a very wise person
Salvatore popular Italian name, a Latin word meaning savior
Sarge Shortened form of Sergeant
Saturn a Roman god
Scout a soldier sent ahead to gather information
Sergeant an officer in the armed forces
Sergius Italian born Pope
Sol the Roman god of the sun
Spike a strong dog name; Spike the Bulldog from 'Looney Tunes'
Stallion 'Italian Stallion', the knickname of Rocky Balboa
Stryker armored fighting vehicles
Sylvester Sylvester Stallone, actor who played Rocky Balboa
Tank armored fighting vehicle with tracks and a large gun
Terra Roman goddess of earth
Testarossa a type of Ferrari
Thor a mythological god of thunder
Toro an Italian province
Tyson Mike Tyson, heavyweight champion boxer and connoisseur of ears
Valentine a derrivative of the Roman family name Valentinus
Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty
Verdone Carlo Verdone, an Italian actor and film director
Vesta the Roman goddess of family and home
Vincent from the Latin word vincere which means to conquer
Vinicio Vinicio Capossela, an Italian singer and songwriter
Vito an Italian name coming from the Latin word vita which means life
Vulcan the Roman god of fire
Zucca an Italian word meaning pumpkin

Roman god and goddess inspired Cane Corso names

Enjoy this mythological list of dog names.
Name Description
Apollo The son of Jupiter. Apollo is god of music and poetry.
Ceres Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture. Ceres is one of the twelve major Roman deities.
Diana The daughter of Jupiter and twin sister of Apollo. Diana is the Roman goddess of nature. She has the power to talk to and control animals.
Janus The Roman god of transitions and time. He is usually shown having two faces. One looks to the future and the other to the past.
Juno A Roman goddes that serves as protector of the state. She looks after all the women of Rome.
Jupiter The Roman god of the sky and thunder. He is the ruler of the gods.
Liber The Roman god of wine and freedom. He is also referred to as Liber Pater which means 'the free father'.
Luna The Roman goddess of the moon. She is the female complement of the sun god 'Sol'.
Mars Roman god of war and guardian of agriculture. He is the prominent of the Roman military gods.
Mercury The Roman god of commerce and finances. He also guides souls to the underworld.
Minerva The Roman goddess of strategy and wisdom.
Neptune The Roman god of the sea and horses. He is depicted as riding on a seashorse drawn chariot.
Orcus Roman god of the underworld. He is depicted as a hairy giant.
Saturn Roman god of religion and time. The first god of the Capitol. He is father to Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta.
Sol The Roman god of the sun.
Terra The Roman goddess of earth. She is often depicted as laying and is seen with the sky god.
Vesta The Roman goddess of family and home. She is symbolized by sacred fire burning at her temples.
Vulcan The Roman god of fire. He is often shown wielding a blacksmith's hammer.
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Koda A cane cosro can become big and look like koda from brother bear
Aradia Wanted something Italian and unique found this on a page about Italian folklore. She's said to be the daughter of Diana and Luicifer and is known as the Queen of Witches
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