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Dog Names By Breed >> Doberman Pinscher Names

Doberman Pinscher Names - Page 2

      The Doberman Pinscher originated in Apolda, Germany in the late 1800's. Though the popularity of the breed has spread to many other countries, several common German dog names still rate highly among owners across the globe. Names like Fritz, Klaus, and Dach are highly common and hold true to the breed's roots. Other names borrowed from key people that played a role in the development of the Doberman Pinscher known today include Karl, Louis, Otto, Phillip, and Goeller. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann (who lends his name to the breed) is perhaps the most notable participant. Karl was a tax collector that was also in charge of the dog pound in Apolda. His goal was to develop a breed that was ideal for providing protection as he attempted to collect taxes in rough areas. The loyal protective nature of the Doberman Pinscher is still an important characteristic of the breed today. Many owners choose strong names like Bruiser, Samson, or Sergeant. It is easier to feel safe when accompanied by a dog named Bruiser than one named Fluffy.
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Bane Photo of bane for Doberman Pinscher Names Bane is the bad guy from batman- fitting for such a tough looking dog. I say tough 'looking' because he is actually a gentle sweetheart and a total coward.
Tyrone Photo of tyrone for Doberman Pinscher Names Famous for football players. It's comes from Ireland. It means strong soldier.

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Alex Logren He died last week of bone cancer
Panzor Could not find name any languae with p german male panzer tank zor. PANZOR!!!
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