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Dog Names By Breed >> Lhasa Apso Names

Lhasa Apso Names - Page 2

      The Lhasa Apso originated in Tibet where many common names among the breed can be traced. In fact, the breed’s name is taken from Lhasa which is the traditional capitol of Tibet. A few favorite Tibetan names include Palden (meaning glorious), Sonam (meaning gifted), Tashi (meaning good fortune), and Tinley (meaning enlightened activitiy). Tibet is known to have the highest average elevation of any region on earth. Some name ideas derived from mountains in the Himalayas include Lhotse, Makalu, Lakpa, Somoni, and Everest. The Lhasa Apso was originally kept by Buddhist monks to alert them of intruders entering the monastery. A few names borrowed from modern technological security systems are Siren, Viper, and Sonic.
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Rico Suave Photo of Rico Suave for Lhasa Apso Names He was a funny yet strong personality. A pure joy to be around. Protective of his sister a sickly Shih Tsu and his human mom yet considerate and caring. Every morning after his breakfast he would come to thank me with a kiss and snuggle for his food. He was loved by everyone who encountered him. He even modeled and has his own instagram account with followers. Rico Suave was a perfect name for this lover not a fighter. My classy and goofball pup that was filled with love and joy.
Monty Photo of Monty for Lhasa Apso Names Because we got him in MontaZooma so we named him Monty.

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