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Dog Names By Color >> Red Dog Names

Red Dog Names - Page 3

      Owners are often inspired by a dog’s physical appearance when choosing a name. Considerations like coat color tend to come in to play at decision time. While the shades vary greatly among breeds and individual dogs, there are some that stand out among the rest. Those with a red coat are some of the most common to receive color-based titles. This page contains red dog names coming from various themes. Popular ideas come from a variety of hues. Crimson, Scarlet, Copper and Maroon are a few shade-based choices. Some owners will find their pal to be more in line with a precious stone. Ruby and Garnet come from gems with related coloring. Many favorites can be classified as food and drink. Merlot, Shiraz, Zinfandel, and Cabernet are all red wines that are eager to lend a name. A variety of fruits including Strawberry, Cherry, and Apple also make fitting selections. Good ideas come from pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Each name in this list is related to the color red in some form or fashion.
Name Why it's a red dog name?
Penny the penny has a slight reddish color
Pepper some peppers are red
Pippi Pippi Longstocking, a fictional girl with red hair
Poppy a red flower
Pyro a marvel fictional supervillain that wears red
Raphael the Ninja Turtle with the red bandana
Reba Reba McEntire, famous singer and actress with red hair
Red the color itself
Redford it contains the word red
Rojo means red in Spanish
Rory an Irish name meaning 'red king'
Rose a red flower
Rosie roses are red
Rouge red cosmetic powder or cream
Rover the children's game 'red rover'
Ruby red precious stone
Russet reddish brown color
Rusty rust typically has a reddish brown color
Saffron a red spice from a crocus flower
Sangria a Spanish drink made with red wine
Scarlet brilliant red color
Seamus an Irish red ale
Sedona a town in Arizona that is surrounded by red rock
Shiraz a red wine made from Shiraz grapes
Strawb short for strawberry, a delicious red fruit
Sunset the color of the sunset can be red
Valentine red is a color of the holiday
Zinfandel a dry red wine made from the Zinfandel grape
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Red Wine Inspired Dog Names

Pour yourself a glass of red wine as you enjoy this list.
Name Description
Barbera Similar to Merlot. Pairs well with tomato sauces.
Cabernet A globally common red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Claret Red wine from Bordeaux in France.
Malbec A Bordeaux region red wine. Pairs well with meats.
Merlot A soft red wine that is a great introduction for new wine drinkers.
Sangria A popular Spanish drink made with red wine.
Shiraz Or Syrah. A very dark red wine that pairs well with meats.
Zinfandel A robust red wine that pairs well with pastas and tomato sauce.

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