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Sporty Dog Names

      Like a great stadium, this list of names is built for the sports fan. We have rounded up a collection of winners to ensure that you aren't stuck watching the big game beside Princess Pea. Ideas come from a variety of popular athletics and are geared to fit an assortment of individuals. Diehard fans often name pets after a favorite team or mascot. Since everyone has their own opinion and alma mater, you won't find any club related ideas here. What you will find are generic options fitting of a champion. Whether it be a touchdown, a homerun, or a goal, you are bound to score with one of these ideas.
Name Why it's a sporty dog name?
Ace a legal serve that goes untouched (tennis)
Adidas a popular sporting goods footwear and apparel company
Assist a stat given to a player whose pass results in a bucket (basketball)
Audible to change the play (football)
Balk when a pitcher makes an illegal motion (baseball)
Batter the person swinging the bat (baseball)
Bender term for an ankle bender (hockey)
Blitz when extra players are sent after the quarterback (football)
Block when a defender legally deflects an opponent's shot (basketball)
Blooper a weak fly ball that drops in for a single (baseball)
Bogey a score of one above par for a hole (golf)
Brick a shot that bounces off of the rim (basketball)
Bullpen a place for relief pitchers to warm up (baseball)
Bunker an obstacle near the green or fairway that usually contains sand (golf)
Buzzer a mechanical device that emits a sound signaling the end of a quarter or period (multiple)
Caddy a person who carries a player's golf clubs and bag (golf)
Callaway a sporting goods and equipment manufacturer (golf)
Catcher a position in baseball that receives the pitches (baseball)
Champ short for champion
Chip a short shot from right outside the green (golf)
Cleats a type of athletic shoe used in multiple sports
Coach a person responsible for the direction and training of the players (multiple)
Crackerjack an exceptionally talented player (multiple)
Cross a dominate punch thrown across the leading arm (boxing)
Deuce a curveball (baseball)
Diamond word used to refer to the area between the bases of the infield (baseball)
Dime another term for an assist (basketball)
Dinger slang for a home run (baseball)
Divot the hole left behind when a golf club displaces some turf (golf)
Dormie when the player is up by the same number of remaining holes in the match (golf)
Dribble the only legal way to advance the ball by yourself (basketball)
Dugout the teams bench area (baseball)
Dunk when a player slams the ball directly through the basket with one or both hands (basketball)
Eagle two below par on a hole (golf)
Easton a sporting equipment manufacturer (baseball)
Fastball a common pitch relying on speed to prevent the batter's success (baseball)
Fielder a defensive player whose goal is to field any balls hit by the batter (baseball)
Fumble when the person carrying the football loses it (football)
Goalie another word for the goaltender (hockey)
Grounder a baseball hit on the ground (baseball)
Gunner a person that specializes in getting down the field quickly to cover a kick or punt (football)
Hike another word for the snap (football)
Hitter another word for the batter (baseball)
Homer another word for a home run (baseball)
Hook a shot that arches sharply from right to left on a right handed golfer (golf)
Hustle to put forth great effort (multiple)
Inning a division of a baseball game (baseball)
Jab an overhand punch from the lead hand (boxing)
Knuckle a type of pitch (baseball)
Lane the rectangular area between the free throw line and the basket (basketball)
Lateral a pass that does not go forward (football)
Links refers to a course built on land reclaimed from the ocean (golf)
Mulligan taking an extra shot without penalty (golf)
Nickel a defensive alignment (football)
Nike a dominate brand of sports footware and apparel
Par the score a player should make on a hole (golf)
Pinch a substitute batter (baseball)
Ping an American manufacturer of golf equipment (golf)
Pivot bodily rotation around a fixed point (multiple)
Pro short for professional (multiple)
Puma a German company that makes athletic footwear and apparel
Punter the person that kicks on fourth down to manager field position (football)
Pylon an orange marker (football)
Quarter one time period from a game that is divided up into four (multiple)
Rawlings a sporting goods company (baseball)
Rebound grab and control a missed shot (basketball)
Reebok a popular sporting goods footwear and apparel company
Ribby slang for a run batted in (baseball)
Rookie a member of a team in their first full season (multiple)
Runner an offensive player that is on base (baseball)
Safety a way to obtain two points (football)
Score to get points (multiple)
Scout a person whose job is to seek out the best players to fill a sports team's roster
Screwball a type of pitch (baseball)
Shank when the point of impact is the hozel of the club (golf)
Shortstop one of the defensive positions of the infield (baseball)
Skipper another word for the manager of a baseball team (baseball)
Slam another word for a dunk (basketball)
Slice when the ball arches from left to right (golf)
Slider a type of pitch (baseball)
Slugger a consistent power hitter (baseball)
Snap another word for hiking the ball (football)
Southpaw a left handed pitcher (baseball)
Spalding an American sporting goods company (basketball)
Sport what could be more sporty than sport? (multiple)
Strike a pitch that was called within the strike zone (baseball)
Swish a shot that gets nothing but net making a swish sound (basketball)
Switch a person that can bat as either a left or right hander (baseball)
Tackle to bring down a football player (football)
Tank when a professional sports team gives up on the current season in hopes of earning a better draft pick
Veteran a seasoned player (multiple)
Waggle motions used to relax a player (golf)
Whiff to miss the ball completely (golf)
Wilson a popular sporting good company and equipment manufacturer for multiple sports

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Wrigley Photo of Wrigley for Sporty Dog Names Baseball my grandkids favorite sport!
Wembley Photo of wembley for Sporty Dog Names She adores soccer balls.

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Homer Another name for a homerun ( homerun)
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