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Wild Dog Names

      We held a contest so that visitors from around the globe could recommend their wildest name ideas. After tabulating the data, we put the results together into one untamed list. These options are good for an assortment of dogs. The most rampant of canines will find that they fit like a glove, but even the mildest of puppies can reap the benefits. The best results come when the owner cuts loose and allows a wider variety of options to enter the pool. Don’t be a victim of naming tunnel vision. Branch out and discover. You don’t have to be wild to appreciate the names in this collection, but it certainly helps.
Name Why it's a wild dog name?
Akela leader of the wolf pack in 'The Jungle Book'
Akira a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk comic series from Japan
Azrael Gargamel's cat on 'The Smurfs'
Bacardi a company that makes various alcoholic beverages
Bagheera a blank panther that mentors Mowgli in 'The Jungle Book'
Bailey an Irish cream liqueur made by Gilbeys of Ireland
Baloo the bear that tries to teach Mowgli the way of the jungle in Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book'
Bandit an outlaw that attacks and robs travelers
Beast a wild animal
Brute an animal or person that is savage
Carnal a physical desire, or desire of the flesh
Cobain Kurt Cobain, was singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the band Nirvana
Fang a sharp tooth
Feral an animal living in the wild, not domesticated
Fierce aggressive with great intensity
Fiona princess cursed to turn into an ogress at sunset in the movie 'Shrek'
Flasher a person that exposes themselves in public
Fozzie the bear comedian from 'The Muppet Show'
Gargamel the evil wizard from 'The Smurfs'
Gizmo the cute furry animal that should be kept away from water in the movie 'Gremlins'
Gollum a fictional hobbit from 'The Lord of the Rings'
Griffin a creature that is part eagle and part lion
Grinch the green Dr. Seuss character that despises christmas
Jungle Welcome to the jungle, an area known for the wild
Kaa fictional snake from 'The Jungle Book' known for his mesmerizing dance
Kalhua a Mexican liqueur that is coffee flavored
Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi - a Jedi and mentor to Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' films
Khan Shere Khan - the tiger villian from 'The Jungle Book'
Leela Akela's granddaughter in 'The Jungle Book'
Manson Marilyn Manson, the controversial singer and songwriter
Marley Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter
Max the boy from 'Where the Wild Things Are'
Mowgli the child raised in the wild in Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book'
Obi Obi-Wan Kenobi - a jedi from the 'Star Wars' series.."These aren't the droids you're looking for."
Pandora the girl who opened a box releasing all of the evils
Raksha Mowgli's adoptive mother in 'The Jungle Book'
Rama Mowgli's adoptive father in 'The Jungle Book'
Remus a child raised by wolves (twin of Romulus) in a Rome foundational myth
Rigel a bright blue-white star found in the constellation Orion
Romulus a boy abondoned and raised by wolves in a Rome foundational myth
Sassy energetic and full of spirit
Savage a person or animal that is considered primitive and uncivilized
Scotch a type of whisky that hails from Scotland
Shrek a large green ogre and the main character from the 'Shrek' series
Smeagol was corrupted by the One Ring in "The Lord of the Rings'
Spiral a curve that revolves outward from and around a central point
Tarzan a fictional feral child raised by apes in the African jungle
Trance a state of consciousness in which there is lessened response to external stimuli
Whiskey an alcoholic beverage
Yoda a 900 year old jedi from the 'Star Wars' series. "Do or do not, there is not try."
Ziggy the name just sounds wild

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