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Dog Names By Breed >> Yorkshire Terrier Names

Yorkshire Terrier Names - Page 5

      The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, gets its name from Yorkshire, England where the breed originated. Abby (meaning joy of the father), Drew (meaning manly), and Haven (meaning safe place) are a few name selections of English origin. Yorkies were bred for use in cotton mills. Names related to cotton products include Terry (terrycloth), Cambric, Twill, and Socks. Famous names in cotton borrowed from the Industrial Revolution include Whitney, Lewis, and Wyatt. Eli Whitney is famous for the invention of the cotton gin. Lewis Paul and John Wyatt are known for the creating the flyer-and-bobbin system as well as the roller spinning machine. The original purpose of the Yorkshire Terrier was to get rid of mice and rats that were taking over the cotton mills. A few popular names taken from fictional mice are Mickey, Mighty, Jerry, and Minnie. Rube is an interesting selection borrowed from Rube Goldberg known for creating complex machines to accomplish a simple task. The game mousetrap is an example of one such machine. Millions of people around the world use a mouse each day to interact with their computers. Bart is a good name idea derived from Douglas Engelbart, the man that invented the mouse.
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Guppy the puppy Photo of guppy the puppy for Yorkshire Terrier Names I own an aquarium company so Guppy the Puppy was the perfect name for this little guy :)
Mystery Photo of Mystery for Yorkshire Terrier Names When we found our yorkie (possibly silkie) he was laying on the ground, starved and horribly matted. Vet said he was only 20% of what his weight should be, basically a skeleton with skin. Because we knew nothing about him, he became our 'Mystery Man' and is the best dog ever!

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